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tv   11 News at 9 AM  CBS  February 12, 2016 9:00am-9:30am MST

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40 million dollars go to sch. trit scols inice to feck ba
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by comeid ehandg ouy g chec y,se we've ge ouacksta o ge tiluet y. it's to ay anbeilliairetimu au. m ha.omhe s e reaaya veal onaiy? [cheplause] good i15 prgrad schtwar heldtdrers ce
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u ll15 l dr'ns >>orkingmy permirit noer get your l augh augh e's ines ouug'oireby w. lkbo somhiso, n pmeveeein ibl.t 0, hed plst qnswa omil, t no. you usedllhose befo we owheicouuy ty, >>h, i workor analm,ua f cou lambani wa t >>reea t yo sond bu>> hico pp. alril,ou enyi gatgeor m din thatex >> rht letay "o wa a ionair matil ]
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y,rito exs pl 3000stn, s nguaumecninel tivitystng ttems in em tfe for be of ? >> ti u kn, i'm goa go biings s this, trr ,000caag innik that yea >> you got i bd applause]


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